Green Application is a smart program that makes possible
environmental management, energy management, and online trade of
environmental products and technologies by means of mobile phones
and tablet PCs, and is comprised of the following applications:

  • GHG and energy management monitoring applications
  • Online trade applications for environmental technologies and products
  • Environmental management monitoring applications
  • Environmental information applications
  • Enhanced utilization of Green Applications due to availability of smart phone and tablet PCs
  • Needs for new revenue models and Green Applications
  • Needs for real-time monitoring applications
  • Expanded supply of Green Applications based on both fun and practicality
  • Smart application development support
  • Development of Green Applications optimized for online solutions and systems
  • Green Application revenue model development
  • Marketability and economic analyses of Green Applications
  • Support for detailed design of Green Applications

  • Green Application revenue model development
  • Green Application demand survey and feasibility study
  • Green Application design and planning
  • Web solution-linked Green Application development
  • Booho Chair One - Hazardous substance management system development and
    Green Application development (2012)