Green SCM(Supply Chain Management) is an eco-friendly supply chain managing system.
Green SCM concerns and manages all of the supply chain which is from products design and
manufacturing to delivery of the final product to the customers so that it reflects eco-friendly
sources such as energy saving, waste recovery, and recycling.
Green SCM is essential for international environmental regulations and Low Carbon Green Growth
policy, and is also needed for win-win management with subcontractors.

  Green SCM includes the following programs for both parent company and
  subcontractors in an effort to accomplish green management and comply with
  the international environmental regulations on the products.

  • Support for Green Certifications(Green Technologies, Green Projects, Green Enterprises)
  • Support for compliance with International Environmental Regulations (RoHS, WEEE, REACH, ErP)
  • Support for Excellent Green-biz Certifications
  • Development of environmental web solutions (Green ERP)
  • Support for Eco-labelling (Eco-mark) certifications
  • Support for Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) certifications
  • Support for Carbon-labelling certifications
  • Education on Environmental management and Training for staffs concerned
  • GHG & Energy management / Establishment of Energy & Environmental Management Strategies

  • To identify the environmental difficulties the enterprises face (international environmental
    regulations on products, establishment of environmental management, response to the
    customers’ environmental requirements, etc.) and provide their solutions
  • To provide data and information on government aid business
  • To develop Green Management System
  • To provide education programs to train Green Management professionals
  • To provide the solutions for development of efficient supply chain
  • Booho Chair One - Green SCM business (2011)
  • Hansaeng Cosmetics - Green SCM business (2010)
  • Appeal System - Green SCM business (2010)