Overseas Environmental Support Project is an environmental project that supports foreign countries such as are the
Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos with Korean environmental capital
and technologies. Its objective is to transfer and spread the capital and technologies to developing countries,
based on those of developed countries.

  • To solve global environmental issues and contribute to improvement of environmental
    infrastructure in developing countries
  • To strengthen Korea’s position in international community through supplying developing
    countries with environmental technologies and funds
  • To solve environmental problems of developing countries
  • Needs of joint study on international environmental issues
  • To support developing countries with environmental technologies, facilities and funds of
    developed countries
  • To develop environmental technologies through joint environmental research
  • Environmental infrastructure improvements through environmental investment and funding
  • Environment-related workforce training and green industry workforce development
  • Support for inspectorate for environmental technologies and infrastructure of developed

  • Data and information on national support projects
  • Matchmaking to proper developing countries and organizations
  • Introduction and arrangement of environmental technologies and funds
  • Joint research and sharing and promoting its result
  • Environment-related professional and general education services
  • Green Management Consulting for a Philippines Industrial Park. (2012)
  • Green management consulting for Thai SMEs. (2012)